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Royalrox S.A., founded since 1960, nowadays operates with a staff of 100 employees, is a pioneer in the venezuelan market with a distribution net throughout the country and consolidating as a leading company of exclusive manufacture representative. The organization counts with its own building, 7,000 square meters of warehouse and a transport fleet ; offering service and merchandise around the venezuelan territory, through 30 sales representative, each of them with a terminal connected with the main computer of the company.


Royalrox S.A., has a wide variety of products (6,000 items), classified in 5 divisions:  CHEMICALS  ACCESORIES  TOOLS  ELECTRICS  AUTOPARTS, resulting from one source, saving you time, money and paper work; in order to facilitate, increase and preserve your profits with a loyal supplier who wishes to grow with you. Interested of being part of our exclusive customer list?. Please contact our Customer Service Department, whom will be pleased to help you.

Royalrox S.A.,
as an exclusive Manufacture Representative of Marketing and Service, is a leader in the venezuelan market, through an staff of 30 sales  represntatives offer its products to 3.000 clients and 150 wholesales, with an indirect sales  force of 600 people reaching 5,000 sales points througt the country.

We are characterized by the versality of the distribution channels we reach, they are:  Wholesale Chains   Supermarket Chains  Hardware Chains  Hipermarket  Drugstores  Department Stores   Autoparts Stores  Service Stations, among others.

Our marketing organization and the experience since 1960, puts Venezuela in your hands, in order to introduce its products. Interested of being our supplier? Contact us NOW!!

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